3 things to consider when choosing a search marketing agency

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Have you ever chosen someone to look after your search marketing and been massively disappointed? If you have, the likelihood is that you’re not alone.   I was speaking to someone the other day who said they see SEO as “a necessary evil” and nothing more. I’d like to say …

What gets YOU through Monday?

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Every Monday at Miro we get through enough coffee to fill an Olympic swimming pool. What gets you through your Monday?

Gus’ Gifs #1

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It was recently pointed out to me that I may well have an unhealthy obsession with animated gifs. Although initially a little put out by this statement, I’ve now come to terms with it and today I can proudly say – I have a problem! As part of my rehabilitation I have …

Google’s Mobile Update Is Here

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It’s being called all sorts. Some people have even labelled it Mobilegeddon. Really? Anyway, the update we’ve all been waiting for has finally arrived. There’s a great round-up about what will and won’t be affected by Google’s update from the folks at searchenginejournal.com. The important thing to remember is that …

Google Adds Mobile Friendly Label & Google Mobile Friendly Test

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Google have rolled out a new feature on smartphones that displays whether or not sites are mobile friendly in the search engine results. The feature adds credence to the long standing belief that Google will begin to favour mobile friendly websites and on Google’s own Webmaster Central Blog they all …

You can now search Bing using emoji

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I’m not sure how I feel about this one. Part of me says “hey, embrace the future!” and part of me shakes my head in despair at how lazy we’ve become with language. As if SEO wasn’t hard enough… Anyway, here’s a few examples. 1. Best donuts in Seattle 2. …

Miromedia in RFU Newsletter

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Following our news last month that we are the official sponsors of Kenilworth Barbarians, we were delighted to find out that the Barbarians – and our sponsorship of them – has been covered in Touchline, the RFU’s official monthly newsletter. You can read a full copy of the newsletter here.

We Are Hiring…

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Are you an SEO Manager looking for your next challenge? Miromedia are hiring and looking for talented SEO’s with at least 3 years experience.  You supply the commitment and hard work and in return we will provide a great working environment, competitive salary and as much tea and coffee as …