BuzzBundle – The Multifaceted Social Media Management Tool

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Looking to find SEO and Social Media Tools in Marketing can be a tough slog. There are many different tools available, but many of them are not very efficient or useful. BuzzBundle on the other hand is a free downloadable piece of software, that allows you to view and manage all the different forms of social media that your company deals with, all at the same time. The main control panel allows you to interact with and view all forms of social media at once including Facebook, Twitter, Google+, YouTube, Blogs and Forums. This tool is a great time saver and has many different features.


  • Track all and any brand mentions This will allow the user to type in a keyword, phrase or URL. The tool will then trawl through the internet to find all and any mentions of the brand.
  • Log in and comment using an unlimited number of existing social profiles This is great if you are having to manage many different accounts, even for the same client, at once. You can edit, post and respond to every form of social media whilst using the tool.
  • Search for unlimited keywords You can search for as many keywords as you like, creating different projects under different names that you can assign them.
  • Schedule twitter posts If you need certain Twitter posts to be sent out at a specific time, you can set this to happen on the tool, which is a useful reminder to post at a certain time of day.
  • Save all history of social communications This allows the user to rifle through all and any previous posts they have sent out, so that you can refer to them in response to other users or even just to monitor the popularity of certain posts over others
  • Switch seamlessly between different profiles
  • Blog and Forum posting
  • Send private and direct messages
  • 100% data and account security
  • One-Click Bulk announcements to all social sites This is a great feature, cutting down time spent on posting significantly, you can set the same status to be sent out from all accounts that you are logged into at once.
  • Customizable Working Area

The Benefits of BuzzBundle

You are given the ability to see and interface with all types of social media accounts, all in one place. This completely eliminates any confusion of where you have posted what and when, as it saves and logs your posting activity which can be used or viewed later.

Tracking all and any brand mentions means that people do not have to make tagged references to your brand or product. They just have to have said it in an update or blog and the tool will find it. This way you can correspond with people who like and have an enthusiasm for the brand or product, even if they haven’t tagged it appropriately.

Great for outsourcing guest blog posts, as you can find a blog or forum where the keyword is mentioned previously, allowing you to contact a blog owner who has a pre-existing enthusiasm for what you are trying to create backlinks to. This may make it much easier to set up relations with the blog owners and get your posts live quicker, taking much less time and effort.

If you are interested in downloading BuzzBundle, or are just interested in what more it could offer you follow the link:

Download BuzzBundle