The Apple watch is for the masses…right?

Ian HancockStuff

“I am so excited about the new Apple Watch. I might buy 2.”

That is what I was thinking a couple of months ago. Now, I have found out that I can’t use it because of my skin colour. If I had a tattoo, it would be even worse. Are Apple now discriminating against tattoos?

Seriously, what is the point in trialling new products on a selected number of people? If we only made websites that worked for laptops and PCs, then think of the leads and sales that our clients would miss out on.

iwatch small

With the new watch starting to become available, Apple are going to have to move fast to get it working for everyone. Otherwise I won’t be able to take a bite out of the new Apple product.

So what has gone wrong?

There are 2 sensors on the back of the Apple watch that work in infrared and send out-receive visible light. This technique is called photoplethysmography. A light pulse is sent through the skin and picked up by a sensor. All very clever stuff, when it works. Unfortunately the Apple watch can’t get a clear reading on coloured skin and tattoos.

So, for now I will have to wait for my watch. Hopefully it will be sorted soon. Only time will tell (that was a joke).

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