…and the winner is…

Ian HancockComic Relief Bake Off

The final day of the Great Miro Bake Off is upon us.

The scores have been counted, double checked, been to an independent adjudicator and then counted again, as so much is riding on this result.

At the start of this competition, some 2 weeks ago, no one could have anticipated the passion, enthusiasm and commitment of all the contenders. Few could have predicted the tension, anguish and horror that also ensued! At times, the atmosphere was like a bouncer-less Jeremy Kyle set with the subject ‘My wife cheated on me with a cake’!

It has certainly been a roller coaster of a journey which has culminated in us having made nearly £200 for Comic Relief and an outright winner in the form of Miro’s own Diet Coke break – HAL – with fondant fancies!

Some suggested that it was perhaps a little odd for a power-lifter to decide upon an elegant arrangement of fondant fancies for his choice of entry, whilst others thought it was quite apt! At the end of the day however, who won? Hal won!! This man is a determined individual – like an unstoppable robot from the future, he has drive and determination. He probably also has a pinny!?

Hal showed immense dedication to the cause, doing his research and even a dummy run the weekend before. Early on in the competition Hal was quoted as saying:

“You have to do these things properly and I am in it to win it!”

and he certainly did without question.

Well done Hal, Mary Berry would be proud!