Allow your business to show its charitable side

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If there’s one thing this last month has shown us, it’s that more and more businesses are getting on board with charity. Throughout November you will have been hard pushed to find a workplace that doesn’t have at least one moustachioed man. It appears that Movember, the global movement that raises awareness of men’s health issues, has well and truly ‘grown’ on businesses around the world.

Exposure for both your business and the charity

That’s no bad thing; whether it’s Movember, Children in Need, Comic Relief or any other charitable organisation, affiliating your business with charity is win, win.  Not only does it benefit your business, it also of course helps out others in need and gives greater exposure to a good cause. People like to associate themselves with businesses that support good causes.

Opportunities for inspiring content

For a business operating online, supporting a charity, such as Movember, brings a whole host of opportunities and ideas for fresh content. Because growing a moustache takes time and dedication, you can catalogue the progress of your colleagues’ face fuzz on a daily basis. Whether it is through the use of blog posts, Facebook and Twitter updates or even YouTube videos, you can use this content as a powerful marketing tool both for your business and for the charity’s fundraising efforts.

Full support from the charity

Don’t think that charities are oblivious to your motivations; most charities are openly supporting them. As it gives them massive exposure too, charities will understand your secondary purpose for participating in their event and are experienced at helping you receive a return on your charitable investments.  The Movember campaign actively encourages the growing of facial furniture in the workplace. Last year, BP launched an internal challenge for their employees which saw 315 members of staff raising over £73,000 – something the people behind Movember have been incredibly keen to promote.

Bringing together your team

In addition to its benefits to your marketing activity and the charity’s fundraising, getting involved in a charity campaign is also a great way of boosting staff morale. In the case of Movember, you and your colleagues will become walking, talking billboards for raising awareness of men’s health, and at the same time you will be bringing together your team.

It’s not too late

As we are in the dying days of November, it might be too late to grow a ‘mo this year but it’s not too late to start planning for another campaign. Do your research; there are hundreds of charitable campaigns you can get involved with. In December there is World Aids Day and Human Rights Day for starters.

It might not even be too late to give up on Movember; do you have a colleague on client who has embraced the upper lip fur? If so, give them the recognition they deserve. Chart their progress and help them boost their last-minute donations whilst showing your customers the charitable side to your business!