A shining example of social media management

Simon JonesCompany News

Here’s a little story for you.

The other day, we got a card from the postman saying that we’d got something in the post but the sender hadn’t paid full postage on it. If we wanted it, we’d have to go to the Post Office and pay £1.50 to make up the postage. Oh, and it was addressed to “Account Manager”. It was a pretty vague parcel.

Thing is, we’re always expecting things in the post – contracts, cheques (yes, people still use them), bills – so we guessed it was probably important. In fact, we were waiting on quite a significant contract, so maybe this was it?

We rushed to the Post Office with our £1.50…and it turns out our exciting package was marketing material from someone we’d never heard of.

Oh boy.


Having laughed about it in the office, I got on Twitter and sent a tongue-in-cheek tweet from Miro’s account to the guilty party, K display. To their absolute credit, they got back to us almost instantly. That was impressive enough in itself.

However, they also offered to send us something to say sorry and make up for it.


To be honest, I still wasn’t expecting much but the gesture was appreciated.

Then, lo and behold, the next day we got a knock on the door from a delivery driver with a box under his arm. Nobody knew who the delivery was for. I took it, signed for it and opened it. To my genuinely delighted surprise, inside the box was a HAMPER full of retro sweets from Retro Sweet.


I can honestly say the entire office now knows who K display are. And now you do too. And I know that whenever we might need any large print or display items made up, they’ll be top of my list. And that’s all down to great social media management and outstanding customer service…

…and we still can’t work out if it’s all a big ploy or a genuine mistake!

What do you reckon?