How we used InVision to create Crimson’s new website

9th September, 2016 - 6 minutes read



“Crimson’s new website marks a significant milestone in our growth and needed to clearly present the vision we have for our future. Miromedia were entrusted with this important project and have delivered a result that we’re thrilled with.”


Mark Britton, Head of Marketing at Crimson



We’ve worked with Mark at Crimson for a couple of years now. As their Head of Marketing, we’ve helped him boost the online performance of Crimson’s dedicated recruitment software, Mercury xRM. We’ve re-egineered the Mercury xRM website to it works on all devices and then worked on a project with Mark, their CEO and Sales Director to re-design the Mercury xRM homepage to make it more conversion friendly.

The success of those projects meant Mark had the confidence to come to Miro when he was ready to re-design the group’s main site.

I’d known Mark had been wanting to re-design the Crimson website for a while and when he came to see the team armed with a folder full of sketches and bubbling with ideas, it was obvious this was going to be an exciting, engaging design project.

Mark's initial sketches

Mark’s initial sketches

Two businesses, one website

Our team (Andrew, Gus, Julian and me) had a planning meeting with with Mark and Will to work out how best to crack the Crimson nut.

The key challenge we had was building two websites in one.

Although Crimson has two very separate lines of business, they are very closely joined. On one side of the business, Crimson is an agile IT solutions consultancy that helps businesses plan and deliver their IT projects efficiently and cost effectively. On the other side, Crimson is a IT recruitment agency who help businesses source hard-to-find, top quality IT talent.

We decided the best approach was to essentially build two websites within one website, one for each side of the business. To do that, we needed a collaborative approach that meant we could design and agree on a solution before diving into the build of the site. As part of that process, we wanted an interactive way of sharing the designs and allowing everyone involved to comment on them in one place so we could keep the workflow tight.

Enter InVision.

Using InVision for feedback on prototype designs

Using InVision for feedback on prototype designs


Using InVision meant we could collaborate with Mark and Will on a more agile basis. It meant we weren’t working in long tranches and having design meetings to tear apart hours of work. Instead, we could design part of the site, get feedback, make amendments and move on.

Using InVision meant we could solve the problem of two sites in one. It meant we could stick to our design deadline and move onto the build of the site smoothly. It meant the designs that were built had been seen by Mark and Will already and there were no surprises.

The end result

We designed a site that filters visitors to the most relevant side of the business to them.

The new homepage is designed to quickly signpost which sections of the site are relevant to IT solutions and IT recruitment.

The new Crimson homepage

The new Crimson homepage

Once the visitor chooses where to go, they are presented with a site dedicated to that part of the business. We even designed separate navigation for each section of the site with a master navigation in the footer of the site to make sure it’s as easy as possible to find what you need.

All through the site we designed and engineered innovative ways of filtering and presenting content so it’s clean, simple and relevant to the visitor looking at it.

The best part?

Mark was happy.

And there’s nothing we like more than happy clients.

Visit the new Crimson website >



Old vs. New

Old Homepage vs. New Homepage

Old vs New

Old Content Page vs. New Content Page

Fully responsive to work on all devices

Fully responsive to work on all devices

Clean, simple design

Clean, simple design

Striking headlines backed up by relevant content

Striking headlines backed up by relevant content

Split blog for each side of the business

Split blog for each side of the business