A Few Things That Have Made Us Smile – The Best Of The Web 2013

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As Christmas approaches and the year comes to an end, as a gift to you we thought we’d present you with a few of the best things we’ve found on the web this year.

Here are things that have inspired our creativity, made us laugh, made us cry and just made us generally ponder. Here goes…


The Chip Shop Awards

An annual creative advertising and design competition, The Chip Shop Awards goes against convention, forgets about propriety, legality and ethics, and instead encourages designers to do their own thing. Please note: some of these are funny, some of these are just downright wrong.






If History Had Instagram

With people cataloguing their entire lives through the app, it may sometimes feel like Instagram has been with us forever…but what if it had? Histagrams imagines history through a series of selfies, hashtags and random snapshots.







Though not strictly a 2013 development, it was this year that brought this little piece of genius back. Ever wanted to see your Google search results displayed in Snoop Dogg style speech? Fo’ sho’, dat shizzle Gizoogle is off da chain!


The Greatest Animal Photobombs

Humans are pretty good at photobombing but they’ve got nothing on the animal kingdom, critters know how to get in the way of a photo like no one else.  The images here really raised a smile amongst us.



Animals Being Jerks

We just can’t get enough of animals…especially animals being jerks. Though mostly unintentional on the animals’ part, we find these absolutely hilarious!

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Photos you need to look at to understand

Long may you ponder over these images, we certainly did. How are some of these even possible?



Hot Dogs or Legs?

Another one that us and the rest of the internet pondered over, are they hot dogs or are they legs?? Some of these may just blow your mind.


Ship My Pants

American advertising at its best? The conservative Christian group, One Million Moms certainly didn’t think so. Described as ‘disgusting’ and ‘ridiculous’, the group requested that the advert be ‘pulled off the air immediately’. Our opinion? Hilarious!