2013 – The Year of Mobile Commerce

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As 2012 draws to a close many retailers aren’t winding down but gearing up for an influx in sales as a result of panic buying and festive sales. A large amount of retailers will be offering discount codes on their sites in order to reign consumers in, however efforts would be better spent turning their attention to mobile commerce.

Mobile commerce is set to make massive waves in 2013 as smartphones and tablets dominate the technology gadget market. As a result, more consumers will be accessing mobile sites for shopping and browsing. Mobile commerce is growing at a rapid rate and many retailers just aren’t keeping up, with many not having a mobile site. In fact, having a mobile site is no longer a nice to have but a must have for many businesses.

In my previous blog – Can your site handle the busiest shopping day in history, I spoke about the need for a mobile site to help reinforce the main site at this peak shopping period. Some consumers are getting increasingly frustrated with sites that don’t cater for mobile users and will go elsewhere – Ultimately losing you business.

Mobile commerce has revolutionised our shopping habits. We now have retailers at our disposal and shopping on the go has never been easier. It has made it easier and quicker for consumers to make purchases without having to spend weekends trawling through a busy high street.

Many consumers however still enjoy the human interaction from shopping and see it as a social experience. However some retailers are now using augmented reality technology as part of their mobile shopping experience to make online shopping more interactive.

Jewellers Ice.com have tried to bridge the gap between on/offline shopping using augmented reality technology. For instance, when you find a piece of jewellery you like, there is a function called “try it on” which allows you to upload an image of the user’s finger or wrist and then the application lines up the jewellery onto it. This allows you to preview what the jewellery would look like on and brings a new human element to the online shopping experience.

In 2013 there’s no doubt there will be an increase in tablets and smartphones, so it’s important a business gears up for this. Mobile commerce is predicted to change the shopping landscape going into 2013.

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