Miromedia’s Inaugural N64 Night

Simon JonesCompany News, MiroMess

Amongst other defunct tech, we’ve somehow got our hands on a working N64 with GoldenEye and MarioKart.     It’s like being 15 again.   As of now, the first Wednesday of every month is retro gaming night at Miromedia. After we managed to get our hands on a working …

The Miromedia team at the go-kart track

Miromedia Go-Kart Crazy

Simon JonesMiroMess

After weeks of excitement and strategy planning the day had finally arrived for our team at Miromedia to take on the Go Karting track with both trophies and wooden spoons at stake. Unfortunately not all members of Miro could make it on the day, but 10 racers were more than enough bodies to cause some serious motor mayhem.