Pay Per Click (PPC)

Do you want more sales, more traffic and more leads from your website?


PPC campaigns are one of the quickest and most effective ways of providing all three for your business. When managed correctly by an ethical PPC agency, paid search is a fast and scalable form of marketing that can show an immediate return on investment. Our outsourced PPC service has helped our customers grow their businesses for over 10 years through professional, effectively run PPC campaigns.

“Miromedia have been very helpful by integrating into the way that we work. They helped us understand exactly how our paid search campaign works and what measures they take to continually improve it. They provide visibility on progress through a clear and simple report, as well as making suggestions to improve the campaign further. Since we started working with Miromedia, we’ve seen PPC conversions go up 282% and our click spend was reduced from £2.48 to 64p.

Ann Boardman, Marketing Manager

We are a Google Partner

As a PPC agency, you don’t just sign up for a Google Partnership. You have to earn it. We gained ours by continually proving our online marketing credentials and delivering real value to our clients. It means we’re a PPC company that’s got the expertise and knowledge to create and manage successful paid search campaigns.

Our Process

Our approach with PPC is single minded: we want to make sure you’re getting a high volume of conversions whilst spending as little as possible. Whilst our job as a PPC agency is to manage your Google AdWords campaigns, you don’t pay Miro anything other than a campaign management fee. You decide your click budget and you pay it directly to Google.

AdWords Review

Our first port of call is to review your current AdWords campaigns to ensure we don’t undo any good work that’s already in place. If you don’t have an existing AdWords campaign, we’ll move straight into the planning phase.

Campaign Planning

We will fully research your market and identify the opportunities available through PPC. This will include competitive analysis, keyword research, traffic estimation, ROI calculations and conversion improvements.

Ad Writing

A key part of PPC is writing ads that are relevant to the search they appear in. We write compelling, engaging ads that encourage visitors to take the next step and click through to your website. We’ll write multiple ads to assess which work best and get the best reaction.

Campaign Setup

We’ll agree the maximum budget you want to allocate every month to Google AdWords and aim to display your ads effectively and within budget. We’ll setup the campaign to be cost effective but deliver a measurable return.

Campaign Management

Once the campaign is live we’ll continue to manage it to ensure it remains effective and competitive. This includes continued ad copy re-writes, bid adjustments, turning off under performing ads and testing new keywords.

Reporting & Analysis

We’ll provide on-going reporting and analysis to ensure you see the results of the campaigns. We’ll tailor the report to fit your requirements and track the stats that matter to you. Your account manager will provide monthly reporting and be in constant contact to improve your campaign’s performance.

Areas of Expertise

Text Ads

Text ads are what most people associate with paid search. When you search on Google, these are the ads you see. We write compelling copy that encourages the right people to click through.


Ever been on a website and seen an ad from a site you’ve been to recently? That’s not by chance. Remarketing is the best way to remind people that they visited your site and you have a service or product that they’re looking for.

Display Ads

When you walk down the street you see ads everywhere. On billboards, bus stops and even in motorway loos. Display ads are the same, but online. Attention grabbing ads on the right sites encourage people to click through to your site.

Google Shopping

Google Shopping, or Product Listing Ads, are paid ads that show up when people search for specific products. They see pictures of the product, competitive pricing, detailed descriptions and much more. If you sell products online, Google Shopping is a must.

YouTube Video Ads

Skip ad. How many times have you seen that on YouTube? Although it can be frustrating, good YouTube ads can be incredibly effective as you get a TV ad for a fraction of the fee.

Paid Social

Paid ads on social media are an incredibly effective channel. Social media is the biggest, most accurate database around so targeting specific people is easy and cost effective. We’re experts in paid ads on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and YouTube.



If you’re looking for a new PPC agency or need help getting started, we can help. We pride ourselves on being open and approachable so get in touch and we’ll get right back to you.