Local Search

With mobile devices enabling you to search wherever you are, you need a tailored local search campaign

Targeted local search

Mobile devices enable people to search more locally whilst ‘on the go’. If you are looking to get more leads from specific areas, having a local search strategy will be very beneficial. More and more searches are becoming hyper-specific, with searchers using the web to find products and services in their immediate vicinity. Utilising the right combination of channels, we will be able to ensure you are top of the pile when people are searching for your product or service locally.

of consumers who conducted a local search on their smartphone visited a store within a day*
*Source: Google

The services we can provide

Hyperlocalised Landing Pages

If you offer your product or service in a specific place, we’ll make sure people making relevant searches in that area know about it. We’ll work with you to define the areas you work in and create hyperlocal landing pages which expertly sell your product or service and distinctly communicate your expertise, involvement and commitment to the local area. In doing this, we will ensure your website ranks well in local searches and is visible to people searching for products or services near them.

Citation Alignment

What are citations? A citation is any online mention of your business, often making reference to your business name, address and phone number. Or, in Google terms, your NAP. Citations are an important part of the Google search algorithm and are used to help determine where to rank your site amongst the competition.

Every time your business is referenced online, Google will look for an identical NAP and use this information to verify that you are indeed a real business. If it sees them, it will rank your website as relevant in local searches. We’ll list every NAP for your business and ensure they’re uniform.

Google My Business

Google uses its own local listing service, Google My Business, as a key indicator for local search. If you’ve ever searched locally you’ll see company listings with opening times, address details and photos. We’ll make sure your Google My Business page is setup correctly and maintain it as and when Google releases new features.

Local Reviews

Google reviews from local customers have a direct impact on how well your website appears in local search results. We’ll work with you to build a bank of local reviews from your existing clients and then make it as easy as possible for future customers to leave reviews.

Local Paid Search

Targeting local areas with paid ads is a great way of breaking into highly competitive areas. Using platforms like Google AdWords, Facebook Ads and Twitter Ads you can directly target people within local areas or down to a specific mile radius.

Local Link Building

Building links from locally relevant websites is another tactic that will boost your website’s performance in local searches. We’ll put together a local link building plan that will focus on promoting your website locally and getting high quality links back to your website.

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