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Miromedia are one of the leading brand reputation management agencies in the Midlands area. With over 10 years of success in the online marketing sector as a specialist SEO company, we offer a huge advantage most other agencies cannot match; we understand search. Just finding negative comments is no use unless you have specialists to remove, reduce or counteract them. Ensure your company’s image remains protected through brand reputation management. Call our team today to discuss our service on 01926 358200.

More About Brand Reputation Management…

BRM ensures your company’s brand is seen as positive online by counteracting any negative reviews, or website posts, that have the potential to damage your reputation. BRM also promotes positive posts, articles, reviews or mentions that have been added by bloggers, reviewers or through the active creation of positive articles and reviews by the Miromedia team.

It is becoming increasingly easier for people to upload negative information on the web and this may easily appear high up in the search results for your company. We will help you combat this and rebuild your brand reputation online.

Consumers need re-assurance that the products and services they are looking at are reliable, trustworthy and deliver a good service. They use search engines to find out about a company and scan the first page results. So it’s vital negative search results don’t appear among these results. We create strategies which will alleviate any negative reviews that appear in the search engines, as well as promoting positive reviews to reassure your potential consumers.

Brand Reputation Management is cost effective and will vastly increase the rate of conversion. We will monitor your brand across the web and highlight any problematic content and counteract it. We will respond to any problems on your behalf that may occur on a number of different platforms and react in a professional way, in keeping with your brand guidelines.

To find out how we can push down negative search results and maintain a positive company image to gain new customers, please contact us on 01926 358200 for an informative and informal chat.

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“I can leave Miromedia to get on with what you are supposed to be doing – i.e. more hits to my site.”

David McCrum, Senior Partner – AMS Mortgages