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Secure Hosting & Support

Hosting can often be an afterthought – for us it’s of the utmost importance. Our secure website hosting, backed up by comprehensive support, will ease the pressures on your business and will ensure you won’t have to worry about your website.

It’s like building your house on quick sand – your website is only as good as the foundation on which it stands. Poor hosting can put your website at risk of crashing at high traffic periods, unnecessary downtime and could make your business vulnerable to security breaches. Let us take care of your website hosting and we will provide you with a concrete foundation on which your website can stand, to ensure it always performs in tip-top condition.

uptime on our server infrastructure*
*Source: Miromedia

Website Hosting and Support Services

At Miromedia, we can provide hosting solutions which are suited to you and your business. All of our hosting packages come with comprehensive technical support as standard. We carefully manage our hosting and support solutions to be able to offer you the very best peace of mind.

Whether it’s day to day support or protection against malicious attacks, our technical team will assist in any technical issues. Even if it’s out of hours we’ve got it covered.

As standard, you can expect the following:


You need to know your website is in safe hands. We’ll ensure your data is managed securely, and that downtime is almost never an issue.


We’ve got your back. No matter what the size of your business, if you lose data it can have a big impact – make sure your site is backed up with our fail-safe system.

Continuous Updates

In a digital age, updates are inevitable and necessary. We’ll make sure that your website’s code is kept in tip-top condition, to the latest specifications, and that your website is fully protected against malicious attacks.

Our server infrastructure also benefits from this continuous process or security upgrades to ensure it is up to date and keeping your data and site safe.

Fully Secure

At the end of the day you just want to know your website files are safe. We’ll make sure you’re protected against third party access, and restrict access to only authorised staff.

All of our web servers sit behind a fully-secured firewall to add an extra level of security and piece of mind.