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Give your brand a voice and engage with your client base in real-time

Social Media Marketing Services

Social media is the most effective way of speaking to an active and engaged audience in real time. When managed correctly, social media is a very important part of the online marketing mix. Social media will enable you to be found by people searching in specific areas and ensure you’re well known locally.

Communicate your brand values in real time, and build an active audience through an established, and constant form of engagement.

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*Source: Search Engine Land

The services we can provide

Define Your Audience

We’ll work with you to define and build your target audience. We’ll then put a strategy in place to market to them on the relevant social channels. Some channels work better than others. If you’re a B2B business, LinkedIn may be the best bet. If you’re B2C and have a lot to share, Facebook and Twitter may fit. Whilst if you offer a more visual product or service, Instagram may be the answer. By working with you, we’ll decide what fits your requirements.

Engage With Your Audience


As well as scheduling social media posts at the right time, we’ll engage with your followers in real time. If someone has a question or needs feedback from you, we can either do it on your behalf or alert you to it. Engaging with your followers promptly could win you a sale that someone who replies quicker could otherwise get.


We’ll report back to you on a regular basis to identify what value you’re seeing from social media. We’ll include audience stats but also how it’s impacting your wider online marketing plan. Your social media campaign will be based on your objectives, so the reporting will be relevant to your goals.

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