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    SEO Agency Coventry

    Whilst it might seem quite specific, the keyword SEO Agency Coventry is a perfect example of a local SEO keyword.

    By targeting a keyword like SEO Agency Coventry, we are able to get in front of people like you who are looking for a nearby SEO agency who can specifically target local searchers.

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    SEO Agency Coventry Search Volume

    The keyword SEO Agency Coventry has a monthly search volume of 40 which means there are at least 40 people just like you, searching for the keyword SEO Agency Coventry each month!

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    Why is This Important?

    Ranking first for the keyword SEO Agency Coventry is important because we will be able to benefit from the estimated 34% click through rate for ranking 1st.

    That’s 13-14 people estimated to come to our website every month, viewing our pages and getting in touch to discuss or start an SEO campaign.

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    Why Are So Many People Searching SEO Agency Coventry?

    As more people than ever are connected to the internet, more people are using search engines like Google to find what they are looking for e.g. An SEO Agency in Coventry. SEO has become increasingly popular in recent years with many businesses seeing the benefits of it from competitors.

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