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Are you an established business looking to take the step and grow your business by:

  • Establishing a reliable conversion pipeline that never sleeps?
  • Attracting highly-targeted visitors looking for your products or solutions?
  • Maximising your customer value?
  • Standing out in a crowded marketplace?

Discover how Miro can help you achieve these goals and take your business to the next level. To get started, complete our enquiry form and one of our experienced team will contact you within 24 hours.

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Data-driven PPC Management

Our team of PPC specialists have a wide range of experience in marketing brands through PPC advertising. We’re dedicated to leveraging data-driven decisions and our PPC expertise at the forefront of every strategy, whether it’s maximising return on investment (ROI), getting ahead of your competitors, or getting your product in front of the right audience.

As a Google Ads Partner, Microsoft Ads Partner, and Amazon Ads PPC marketing agency, we have the skills to get your message to the right people at the right time. We’ll make sure your business isn’t just seen, but truly recognised, driving valuable leads that convert. Your success is our success. We’ll work tirelessly to get your campaigns launched and achieve your desired results. Get in touch today.

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"The team at Miro really understand our business and are a pleasure to work with, they are regularly in touch to offer advice and support and check on how we are progressing. We would definitely recommend them to anyone looking to generate leads for their business."

L McCleod, Business Development Manager

Our PPC Management Services

  • Paid Search Advertising

    Connect with people actively searching for your product or service and drive them to your website with carefully crafted messages designed to assist with conversion.

  • Google Shopping

    A visual service designed to showcase the standout products and collections from your e-commerce store. Our team will help build and manage your campaigns efficiently to promote your star products.

  • Display & Remarketing

    Reconnect with prospective clients and potential customers who didn't convert during their last website visit, amplifying the efficiency of your ad campaign.

  • Paid Social Advertising

    Discover your potential customers across various channels by leveraging the top social media platforms. Our team will help guide you through finding the most relevant platforms for your target audience and plan and build campaigns.

Bespoke Paid Search Marketing

We offer bespoke PPC Campaigns tailored to align with your unique business objectives. Our team of specialists seek to understand your specific needs, ensuring that the campaign and every click is strategically aimed at delivering your goals.

With our targeted approach, rest assured that your digital presence will thrive, maximising the potential for success in today's competitive landscape.

Data-Driven Paid Search

An understanding of robust data insights backs every decision we make. Our data-driven approach is dedicated to delivering growth and commercial profitability for your business.

By analysing key metrics, user behaviour, and market trends, we unearth invaluable opportunities and tailor your campaigns for optimum performance.

"At Miro, we believe that PPC campaigns offer unparalleled precision in reaching your desired audience. Our tailored approach ensures that your message resonates with the right people at the right time, driving your business growth and maximising the return on investment for your business."

Amy Eburne

Senior PPC Manager


FAQs About Miro's PPC Campaigns

At Miro, we are committed to understanding your business in its entirety, from its commercial aspects to the people who drive its success. This fundamental understanding underpins our approach, enabling us to create bespoke strategies that align perfectly with your business needs and drive the desired outcomes.

As a Microsoft, Amazon and Google Ads agency, we have proven expertise in using three of the largest online advertising platforms to propel business growth.