Hepplewhite Fitted Furniture

Providing a perfectly fitting local solution

About the project

Hepplewhite provide stunning fitted furniture solutions that breathe new life into old rooms. As the trade division of the Hammonds Furniture group, they provide high quality fitted furniture to local installers who are working on big building projects. We built their new website and then used our local SEO expertise to generate leads from specific, targeted local areas.

“Our objective was to increase the number of geography specific leads we got from our website. Miro increased our overall traffic by 84% and saw our total monthly leads go up 218% in just 12 months. We are now averaging over 70 regional leads per month on top of the increased web visitors to the site.”Tim Gent, Head of Trade Division, Hepplewhite Fitted Furniture


In year one, our local SEO strategy delivered 2,000 organic search visitors every month to Hepplewhite’s regional pages. Those visits generated over 80 quality leads per month…and that figure is still growing.

increase in local leads

increase in local traffic

increase in total traffic


As the trade division for Hammonds, Hepplewhite’s traditional sales model was to get a call from an installer who would order fitted furniture. They decided to flip the model on its head and set out to generate their own leads that they would then provide to installers in specific areas.

We worked with Hepplewhite to design and build a simple but technically complex consumer friendly website and agreed the two main measurements: brochure and design visit requests.

Research and implementation

Once we’d successfully launched the site, we worked with Hepplewhite to research and choose the right keywords that we believed their ideal customer would search for. We then invested time filtering through an extensive list of cities, towns and villages with Hepplewhite’s team to establish their installer network reach.

Once we had both, our search and technical teams spent weeks developing bespoke landing pages for over 300 local SEO pages, each with unique optimised content.

A successful start

From a standing start, Hepplewhite saw a steady flow of local leads just weeks after the regional pages went live. Buoyed by the initial results, our search team continued to develop the local SEO optimisation of the regional pages to increase the number of targeted visitors to Hepplewhite’s site.

The future

Hepplewhite trust us to maintain the level of leads from local SEO after an amazing 710% increase in local leads this year. We’re also focusing on helping Hepplewhite identify high performing local installers to focus our efforts on, to generating more leads in their area. We are also working to refine the design of the regional pages to ensure the ever increasing local traffic turns into an increased number of leads. It’s a continuous, fruitful process.

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