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Day Delegate

Meeting the needs of those looking to book last minute

About the project

Day Delegate is the brainchild of a client who wanted to use their hospitality and event management knowledge to fill a gap in the market: booking last minute meeting rooms online.

“The team at Miromedia took our concept for Day Delegate and planned, designed and built a site that does everything we need it to do. They’ve taken a complex website and made incredibly user friendly both at the front end for users and the back end for us and the venue managers”Andrew Deakin, Director Day Delegate


We custom built a website for Day Delegate which is easy to use by all.

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The Background

The idea for Day Delegate came from our client’s golf hobby as they discovered a website where you could book cancelled or unbooked tee times at the last minute for cheaper prices. They knew lots of conferences venues had no problem hiring out their bigger rooms; however, smaller rooms were often left empty. What if there was a website where venues could advertise their empty rooms to be booked at the last minute?



The idea was there. The next step was for our design and technical team to work with our client to map out the best way for it to work on a website. Using inspiration from sites like and Airbnb, we planned and wireframed lots of ideas until we all settled on the final concept.

Starting the Build

Once we’d agreed the concept, our developers started by building the core element of the site - the search and results - from the ground up. It took consideration to make sure the site gave visitors enough control over the search without it having more steps than required.


Helping Visitors

Day Delegate is designed to help people find a meeting room. Our designers and developers built an intuitive platform that allows visitors to search for a meeting room based on location, dates, the number of delegates and the room layout. Once they’ve found a discounted venue in the results feed, they can reserve the room directly with the venue and get an automated confirmation email. The site is easy to use and flawless across all devices.


Easy to manage

The site’s back end was built for two groups of people: venue managers and site admins from Day Delegate.

Venue managers have the ability to add and manage their venues to include content, images and the room layout. They can also manage room rates and track the revenue Day Delegate makes for their hotels.

Site admins can easily approve venues once they’re added. Day Delegate can also see the total revenue generated, average room rates and the geographic distribution of bookings.

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