YouTube Search Engine Optimisation Campaigns

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In case you’ve been living under rock for the last 3 years you will have noticed that video on the web is now huge. This is a quick guide to YouTube search engine optimisation campaigns to get your business video offering working harder for you. YouTube is now the webs number 2 most visited site, just think about that, that is huge! So there is great opportunity to build brand, authority and drive new targeted traffic.

Successful Video Search Engine Optimisation Campaigns

Tip One: Choose the Most Popular Platform Choose YouTube as your preferred platform for search engine optimisation campaigns. Why because Google own YouTube so it makes sense that their videos appear higher in search engine results. It also helps that it is very easy to share YouTube videos with other social sites and embed the videos on your site.

Tip Two: Correctly Edit Your Profile Writing a profile of your business and the channel is important for your viewers. You can also add keywords and tag your page for important terms. Unfortunately adding a followed link from YouTube is no longer available which often offered a good boost of link strength to a lot of our sites. You can however add as many links as you like to your profile to your site, your Twitter page or Facebook Like Page. Adding your geographic location is also important here.

Tip Three: Add Social Sharing Although limited to Twitter, Facebook, Orkut and Google+ currently, YouTube can be linked to your other social media platforms. The Facebook option will only link to the personal profile on Facebook currently which is a bit limiting.

Tip Four: Add Other Channels You Like Add the other channels you like, this will encourage the likelihood they will link back to you to, further expanding your traffic.

Tip Five: Encourage Comments The more comments the more on subject content your video will generate, this is and excellent way to tune your video Search Engine optimisation campaigns. It is vital to control what is added however, YouTube allows you to edit those comments so you can keep a close eye on what is being said.

Tip Six: Review YouTube Analytics YouTube Analytics offers a great way to measure engagement. It also shows traffic sources, your subscribers, their geography, comments and shares. This should be reviewed frequently to provide insight to which content is popular.

Search Engine Optimisation Campaigns