With more and more emphasis being placed on local search is it time you spoke to the SEO experts?

Ian Hancock Search Engine Optimisation, SEO Regional

SEO experts

There has been a great deal of talk in the industry recently regarding localised search; more specifically the impact of users’ location on SERPS and organic results. A majority of SEO experts now accept that location can act as a ranking factor in search results pages, separate to the Google Places results.

This is due to two main factors:

  1. If there is content on a page that matches your ‘current location’ as given by Google. For example – your current location is set as Warwickshire. You enter the search query ‘flower shop’. A flower shop has a website with a page optimised for ‘Warwickshire flower shop’ or similar. Google will put the original search query ‘flower shop’ and the users’ location ‘Warwickshire’ together.
  2. Because the set location of the person searching matches the Google Places page of a site.

What the SEO experts thinks you should do about this:

If you have a site it might be worth adding a few pages that refer to specific locations near to you, as well as your keywords. By doing this you could pick up on some additional, targeted traffic.

SEO experts also assert that it’s also vital to ensure that your NAP data (Name, Address and Phone number) is consistent across your entire online offering (main site, social media, Google Places etc.) as search engines read all of this.