Why Social Media Marketing Is Vital For Great Customer Service

Ian Hancock Social Media

Social Media Marketing FactSocial media marketing has given brands a new voice, a way to engage with customers in real time and a way to spread information about products and services rapidly to an expanding audience. However many companies fall short when it comes to using social media marketing for customer service. With any platform people will no doubt use it as a soap box or a way to voice their opinions. Companies need to be aware that many disgruntled customers are now taking to Facebook and Twitter to express their dissatisfaction. If a company will use the benefits of this marketing tool for their business they need to ensure customer service tactics are also employed.

According to a recent report over 52% of companies use social media marketing for customer service, with 68% of UK consumers engaging with brands through social media. It is not just the digital generation who have used this to their advantage but over 25% of people aged 55+ have generated a complaint via social media. 65% of consumers now prefer social media platforms rather than call centres.

It is the lack of engagement with angry customers on social media sites which can leave a brand’s reputation in tatters. Many companies will ignore customer complaints on Facebook and may just fire back an automated response to an unhappy customer. Yet customer engagement is the main idea behind social media so it’s important not to shy away, even from the negative. Customers are more likely to return time and time again through personalised experiences and authentic relationships.

For many consumers social media channels have become easier and more accessible to raise complaints rather than “pressing 1” to talk to a call centre or an email which could magically get lost in the system. Ranting on social media is out there and for all to see, it can’t just be ignored. Social media has almost become a megaphone which will speak louder than the brand. By employing a dedicated member of staff to deal with these complaints on a personal level, it will build up respect and a human aspect to the brand.

A study by American Express discovered that when customers receive great service through social media channels are significantly more likely to buy from that brand again compared to people who complained via phone or email.

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