Why Blogging Is Vital For Sustainable Online SEO

Ian Hancock Search Engine Optimisation

Over the last few months there have been various updates from Google, which has seen digital marketing agencies take a cultural shift away from using old online seo tricks to more organic methods. Ultimately Google’s aim is to be a reputable search engine where the top quality, relevant sites with authority, appear higher in the rankings. How frustrating would it be from a users experience to use the search engine and not get what you want in return? Google have set out to ensure this doesn’t happen and people don’t go elsewhere.

Therefore Google have now sorted “the sheep from the goats”. Sites which have previously tried to cut corners and use underhand techniques to manipulate the search engine, are dropping off. We are now seeing a new wave of online seo where fresh content is key and what Google wants. Sites which are shown to have fresh, informative, relevant content will now appear higher in the rankings. Sites which have invested time to adhere to Google’s requirements will now come out on top!

One of the most effective ways of creating regular fresh content is to have a blog on your site. Blogging is a great way of keeping your site alive. A great blog can allow you to become an authority in your area. By providing engaging information through insider tips and industry advice, people will start to see your company as a go to information source. The time spent on your site will also increase, which could lead to increased sales.

Blogs enable you to be customer focused and invite customers to interact with you through the comment section. However don’t use blogs to self promote as this doesn’t encourage people to read on.

It is also beneficial to guest post for another site related to your industry. By providing an article for another site you can normally get one or two links back to your site, which will create effective link building and will enable your site to lift through the rankings. Spread your content out through the social media channels and encourage people to comment. By syndicating your content out it will help keep the link to you blog alive and then push your site up. It is becoming the most beneficial way of link building within online seo.

Blogging isn’t a quick fix solution like previous online seo techniques. It takes time and effort to create reader worthy content that has a target audience in mind, yet long term it is a more sustainable approach. Blogging is difficult for Google to penalise as it’s organic. It offers the reader something, so will be verified as suitable for Google.

If there is going to be a new wave of animal related Google updates, then it’s important to get your fresh content out there so your site won’t be knocked about. Blogging is also one of the easiest ways to update information on your site without shifting the layout around. Blogging and guest blogging will enable you to create the foundations needed for your business to keep it’s online visibility. If the hard work is done now, it will be beneficial later down the line.

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