Who’s afraid of Panda? You might have a good reason for that!

Andy Clarke General, Stuff

Lately I’ve seen loads of SEO specialists being terrified about the last major Google update nicknamed Google Farmer or Panda.

I guess it’s like that when you use black hat techniques or you abuse the grey ones… you drop.

But If you were penalised, there might be a good reason for that, it means that you cheated somehow and your website didn’t deserve to be placed on the top, it’s as simple as that.

It’s useless to start crying and complain on forums, there is something that went wrong and it’s your fault! It’s not Google’s, they make everything quite clear about what you are allowed to do and what you shouldn’t. It’s not your link builders fault, since you have the responsibility to check that all the work is done properly, so you should have some in-house quality criteria. Just pull yourself together and if you’re still not fired, see what you can do about your problem.

Miromedia are proud to announce that NONE of our clients had ranking problems after the update was introduced for the whole World; on the contrary, we have slightly better ranks now. I guess this tells several things about how we work…

Good boy Panda!