where default is the new reset

Ian Hancock Development, Web Design

I recently read this post: http://carsonified.com/blog/design/setting-rather-than-resetting-default-styling/ which talks about using your reset CSS in a slightly different way; by making it your default styling.

Most of Miromedia’s sites, up to this point, have been built with a reset.css that attempts to start off a basic site which is consistent across browsers (based on Eric Meyer’s own reset.css). Once this reset is done we apply our own styles for the website framework, then the client specific CSS as dictated by the design. A fairly common approach.

Now, however, our philosophy has changed so that the reset becomes the cross browser baseline as well as the default setting for framework and CMS. This approach not only reduces the amount of CSS used in the stylesheet it also makes it much easier to read and diagnose problems. In addition to this we now place all website frontend CSS into one stylesheet, removing the need to use the @import rule. This reduces the number of HTTP requests and also helps prevent download stalling if a stylesheet cannot be found.

Changes like these help us to improve and develop our flagship product. Even at Miromedia we are constansly learning new things and new ways to tackle problems and increase performance.