What Makes Content King?

Ian Hancock Link Building, Search Engine Optimisation

We’ve all heard the saying lately that “content is king” and that Google favours “high quality” content for organic seo. However there is a lot of unpredictability in what Google wants and it’s seen as a constant struggle to appeal to their requirements. We all now know that quick tricks will no longer work and that organic seo techniques in the form of blogs, content creation and content syndication will boost your position in the rankings. Yet how should the content be created? What does the content need to be like for Google to favour it? Here are 5 ways to create high quality content to make your site reign supreme over competitors.

1. Appeal To Your Target Audience

When writing, always think about who you’re trying to appeal to and keep them at the back of your mind. Think about what you want your end goal to be. Do you want them to be convinced that your brand is superior? Want your brand to be associated with a type of personality? Informed and that they can get advice from your article? Or entertained and want to grab your product asap.

2. Fresh Unique content

The content should be unique and appealing, not just regurgitated information. It needs to serve a purpose and offer something to the reader. Generic articles with no new dimensions won’t be read and definitely won’t be linked to. Say what you want to say in an alternative way. Don’t be afraid to show some personality through your writing. Don’t formalise everything, there is nothing wrong with having a humorous tone to your article. Providing personalised content means that your article will naturally be unique and have an edge over other articles.

3. Be Authoritative

There are plenty of people blogging out there, what are you offering that no other company is? Write with authority and as an expert in your field. To become an authority in your field and somewhere people go to for information, you must offer detailed articles and consistently. Be the first company to be on the pulse of a new development and write about it straight away. Write about case studies, research and findings. Offer industry insider tips, a different perspective and something competitors have failed to do. Write about niche subjects within your industry.

4. Easy On The Eye

Articles over 500 words should be broken down into easy to digest chunks. Use bullet points, numbers, bolding and italics to emphasise main points. The physical layout should be appealing to the eye and not look overwhelming. Utilise images to foreground a key point in your article. Your article should be fun and easy to consume.

5. Use The “6 w’s”

Readers like to know who, what, when, where, why and how. When looking at competitors that ranked above a client’s site recently, they had background information on a product, the history of it, why it’s needed and who it appeals to. When creating an article or content for a site, ensure that your content appeals to the 6 w’s. Google likes informative content so if your article or content includes these, you will be a long way there to providing high quality content.

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