Email Marketing 101 – Part 1

Ian Hancock Email Marketing

When constructing your advertisement emails, it is important to remember that spam filters examine every part of an email. Additionally, emails should include ‘best practice’ components, such as ‘unsubscribe’ and ‘alt tags’ for the sight impaired.

Spam filters are making it harder and harder to send out successful email broadcasts. They consider content such as ‘free’ and ‘10% OFF’ as spammy words. Images and links can also be considered as spammy and can trigger an email as spam. These things can seriously interfere with a company’s attempt to convey its message.

Starting with the subject line.

In the subject line it’s important to avoid words that can be a spam trigger. Unfortunatly there is no definitive spam list, and common sense is the most useful tool when reviewing your content for spammy words. Avoid sales words such as ‘discounts’ and ‘offers’, which will reduce your chances of sucssessfully navigating email clients spam filters.

Interesting point.

Recently I was talking about ‘spammy words’ with Skip Tidar and found his experiences most interesting. Skip gave one example of a movie by Vin Diesel called XXX, which is not a porn movie, where the email broadcaster was able to get the email through spam filters. Skip believes that even the most high risk words can get through a spam filter, if the rest of the content is low risk.

If you have to add a word that may be considered as spammy, it may be best to open some email accounts, such as gmail or hotmail. Then send your email to them, to see if you get through the spam filters.

Julian Wilkins