Email Marketing 101 – Part 2

Ian Hancock Email Marketing

Note – 80% of all internet emails are spam.

With such a high amount of emails considered as not relevant, email clients (such as hotmail) always review an email’s content before making it available to view.

Avoid emails going into the spam filter.

A well constructed email will always contain text body content. It is possible to include links and images, but a good mix of all three is preferable. Emails that include only images or links will often find their way into a spam filter, hindering the opportunity to get the message across.

Ideally, to get through all spam filters, an email would have only text. However, in a sales environment, it’s very difficult to get your message across in such a basic format. Pictures give the recipient an idea of what you are about, or what products are being sold, links take them through to areas in your site that convert interest into revenue.


Don’t be afraid of testing you emails in different email clients (such as gmail or hotmail). For the most part these email clients are free and you can make great use of their spam filters, at no extra cost.

Julian Wilkins