Web companies unethical client approach tactics

Ian Hancock Stuff

We’ve recently been forwarded an email from an ‘SEO Company’ who approached one of our clients touting for business. Whilst I have nothing against healthy competition, I do get slight aggrieved by is the manner in which the approach is made. Fortunately, at Miromedia, we regularly report progress of our campaigns to clients – which in-turn demonstrates the true and current position of a website – and not the fabricated position in these ‘Spam’ style approaches. The first sentence alone gives the game away – typically ‘Excuse me for my unusual approach’. In fact, this is not unusual. It’s absolutely usual of someone fishing for business through spamming prospects. Surely, the most ethical and demonstrative way to generate business when you’re in the line of SEO, is via appearing highly ranked in search results – as Miromedia do. Not forgetting word-of mouth from our very happy roster of clients of course. After all, if they weren’t happy, then surely they wouldn’t be forwarding these to-good-to-be-true approaches would they?