Web Advertising – Different Approaches for Different Offerings

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There are a number of different types of what is sometimes referred to as ‘web advertising’ and it can be difficult to work out which approach might work for your business. Below is a rundown of various types of web advertising.

Types of Web Advertising in Brief

Paid Web Advertising – this is how Google makes most of its money. Usually caller Pay-Per-Click or PPC. People pay to appear in search results pages and on other websites.

Affiliate Marketing – businesses pay other affiliate sites for each visit they receive via their sites. This overlaps with many other forms of web advertising as affiliate sites often use SEO and PPC to deliver results and thus reap the rewards.

Social Network Advertising – exactly what it says on the tin. Advertising on sites like Facebook and YouTube. A majority of this type of web advertising is paid for but promoting products and services on social networks doesn’t always cost.

Email Marketing – commonly known as e-shots. Involves sending commercial messages in emails to groups of people with the hope that they respond to calls to action placed within the emails.

Search Engine Optimisation – Some might not include SEO in their list of approaches to web advertising. I do because it can be used to increase sales of everything from services to individual services. It may not be advertising in the traditional sense but it is in a more modern respect.

Pop-up Ads – Annoying banners that pop up when you are browsing other sites. Because they are seen as spammy they are usually blocked on most major browsers.

Web Advertising


So, which is best for your business? The chances are that a combination of the above techniques would bring the best results. Naturally as an SEO agency we would argue that every business can benefit from SEO above all other web advertising methods.