URL Structure

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A site’s URL structure should be as simple as is possible. We need to ensure the structure is easily readable for both visitors and Search Engine Bots. But what does it mean?

  • For visitors: easy to read and understand, since the URL appears in the Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs) as well.
  • For Search Engine bots: URLs need to be less than 60 characters long, and not include special characters like “&”, “?”. If there are multiple words, then they should be separated, choosing the dash “-“ as the word separator instead of the underscore “_”. Normally programmers fix the URLs using specific rewrite commands, robots.txt file and sitemaps for better crawling and indexation. But it’s also recommended to keep the URL as short as possible for a higher keyword density.

Another thing to consider is that our pages could be used as landing pages for PPC Campaigns or inbound links and therefore the page name in URL should match links’ anchor text, for better results.

Since it’s a compromise, we have to consider both approaches and the look of the URL.

Here is a good SERP example:


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