TV, Phones and Internet take up our life (or half of it)

Ian Hancock Stuff

You thought the internet and mobile phone usages was growing? According to Ofcom, UK Consumers are spending 45% of their time watching the goggle box, gassing on the mobile (or texting)  and travelling through the super information highway.

Here’s a low-down of the statistics:

  • 89 per cent have or use a mobile phone
  • 92 per cent of UK homes have digital TV
  • 14 per cent live in a mobile-only household
  • A record 104 billion texts were sent in 2009
  • That works out as 1700 texts for every person in the UK
  • Time spent on fixed internet has increased by over two-thirds since 2008
  • Adults now spend 14.2 hours per month on the web
  • 15 per cent of UK adults have mobile broadband
  • Take-up of mobile broadband increased by 8 per cent among 15 to 24s and by 3 per cent among 35-54s
  • Data volumes over mobile networks increased by 240 per cent in 2009
  • A record number of people listened to the radio – 46.5 million adults listened on a weekly basis by the first quarter of 2010

Source: Ofcom August 2010