Tuesday, period 2, just after biology

Ian Hancock Search Engine Optimisation

Everyone loved Chemistry at school, right? Really, you didn’t? Well, to be honest I wasn’t that much of a fan either and the chemistry teacher we had up till the 5th year was, to be honest, a bit on the scary side.

Anyway, even if you didn’t like your chemistry lessons you must have enjoyed the Elements Song by Tom Lehher?

Didn’t like that either?

Never mind. Still, you can now have a similar chemical/elemental experience with SEO and this Search Optimisation Periodic Table (PDF). From the clever people over at SearchEngineLand it summarise the key ranking factors used by major search engines when understanding and ranking your site.

In his related post, Danny Sullivan goes on to explain the table and provides some very interesting insight into the many changes to search engine ranking factors over the years, all the way back from 1996.