Top ten browsers

Ian Hancock Development, General, Web Design

It’s time for a quick top ten run down of the most downloaded web browsers for the Windows OS.

1. Mozilla Firefox
2. Internet Explorer
3. Google Chrome
4. Avant Browser
5. Opera
6. SlimBrowser
7. Internet Explorer 9
8. Windows Internet Explorer 8 for MSN
9. Apple Safari
10. Netscape Navigator

As you can see some old favourites in there as well as some unexpected ones, not least Avant Browser. This one being based on the IE rendering engine, I’ve not used it myself but will certainly have to check it out, although I’m not sure why you would want to create a browser based on IE with all its shortcomings.

I have to say my own personal browser of choice at the moment is Chrome; it’s quick, lightweight and just seems to never have any problems.