To Tweet or not to Tweet?

Ian Hancock General

There has been great debate around social media platforms and whether they have any real worth in a marketing capacity. There is no doubt the advent of twitter has allowed people to engage with each other more frequently but I’m not sure about the quality of these engagements on a personal level. Do you really need to tell a mass audience what you had for dinner or how bad your day was? However in the business world this tool has now become a marketing must have.

Twitter have stepped up its efforts to inform people that it’s a reputable media platform by inviting guests along to an invitation only event in London last week, to showcase major brands success stories using Twitter. Companies such as Cadburys, Unilever and American Express attended the event in London to demonstrate different case studies, on how using tactical story campaigns and sponsored trends increased their customer engagement level.

Twitter have recently tweaked their ad formats to make it more marketing friendly. They have changed it so that users can personalise trends around certain topics rather than locations, making it easier for businesses to target users by their interests. Twitter have also partnered up with some media brands including The New York Times which will enable tweets to be expanded in the news feeds. Now when a user clicks to expand a tweet they can see videos and images, giving partner brands more opportunity to get noticed in a busy news feed.

Twitter said its platform has a 1-3% engagement rate when brands pay for promoted tweets, compared to the 0.03% rate on other digital media. This can grow to 7-10% if a promoted tweet is combined with a trend, it claims. However many advertisers are struggling with the concept of sponsored tweets because twitter is moving so fast its hard to keep up.

Twitter gives brands a sense of immediacy. It provides customer engagement with two way conversations like no other medium can provide says Laura Tannebaum Absolute Radio’s brand marketing manager. Absolute radio gave away £250 every hour for 24 hours using the #nowplaying hashtag. The hashtag drove 8.5 million impressions with a mere £0.04p cost per engagement. American Express’s vice president for international digital partnerships Stacy Stratz also praised the benefits of the platform. She said the payments company was undergoing a “digital transformation”, with Twitter “at the very heart of it”.

Even if you don’t use Twitter on a personal basis, you can’t deny the fact that for businesses it can be used as a great tool in your marketing strategy. The question should not be, should I be using twitter for my business, but how?