This week’s blog posts

Ian Hancock Stuff

Almost at the end of January already, seems like only yesterday I was tucking into Christmas day dinner. Oh well, here’s this week’s best bits from the blog site, enjoy.

Smashing Magazine’s very long and informative post about how to design and build newsletters without losing your mind explains many of the problems with today’s email marketing campaigns and how to avoid them. It also has a lot of very useful links to tools for proofing your eshots and making them consistent across browsers and also as accessible as possible.

This collection of website pricing table showcases various method for visually explaining price structures for products. Many different ways to show similar information but each with their own style and impact.

Design Shack’s showcase of e-commerce sites done right.

Firefox 3.6 was released during the week. Download it now and start taking advantage of its improved performance and stability as well as the new Personas to personalise your browser.

More cross browser compatibility resources. Particularly of interest is SuperPreview which is Microsoft’s app to allow developers to view page rendering on the various different browser types.