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Today’s blog takes a different direction than normal. I would like to discuss the merits of enjoying a job, as opposed to just doing one. You may, or may not wonder what got me thinking about this? Answer – Looking at the reaction time to tasks completed by Ayumu.

Ayumu is a captive chimp at Japan’s Kyoto University. He is able to identify and recall a series of numbers, after seeing them for merely sixty milliseconds. This fact within itself is amazing, but that is not really what this blog is about.

I am more interested in the fact that, even though Ayumu is carrying out this task in record speed, how much fun he is having doing it. Scientists suggest this type of task could be good for captive apes.

Working with the Zoological Society of London, Fay Clark from the Royal Veterinary College’s Centre for Animal Welfare has recently published a review of research investigating whether challenges that get captive apes thinking can enhance their well-being.

“Unfortunately, captive great apes often exhibit behavioural signs of boredom, frustration and stress” says Ms Clark.

If an ape does not receive enough cognitive challenge in life, this can lead to abnormal behaviours or a lack of interest in the environment,” she tells BBC Nature.

“The key is for scientists to develop challenges which are relevant, motivating, and ultimately solvable if they are going to be used as enrichment.”

OK, so what has this got to do with Miromedia? Let’s get to the meat in the sandwich. When work is interesting and challenging, it becomes more engaging. Working with our SEO and Programming teams over the last 3 years has been a pleasure, because we are always pushing the boundaries of what can be achieved. Finding new ways to get our clients websites to perform has seen an increase in their revenue and a reinvestment in us.

I guess what I am saying is the work here is engaging, exciting and there are always possibilities to find new solutions. If you are interested in what Miromedia can do for you, drop us a line.

But remember, if you pay peanuts you don’t always get monkeys!