The Top Ten SEO Myths that People Worry About

Ian Hancock General, Search Engine Optimisation

There are hundreds of SEO myths out there. Many of these ‘scare’ web master and SEO’s but there is really nothing to worry about. To help you calm down and stop stressing I have provided a run down of the top ten SEO myths that people worry about far too much.

In no particular order;

  1. Too many links pointing at my site, from one domain. (Not a problem if its natural)
  2. Someone is building spammy links to my site. (Google Bowling)
  3. My keyword density is too high. (Just don’t stuff!!)
  4. Linkbait/content marketing will eventually get penalised. (This is actually encouraged by search engines!)
  5. Other sites are using my content. (Take it as a compliment, its not an issue)
  6. Google is using my Analytics data. (Doesn’t happen)
  7. URL’s without keywords won’t rank well. (Static, readable URL’s are best, keywords or no keywords)
  8. All reciprocal linking could lead to penalisation. (Only a problem if manipulative)
  9. Link anchor text must be ideal and exact match. (the more natural the better; vary anchor text!)
  10. Footer links could result in penalisation. (Again, as long as its natural and not manipulative it’s fine)

The main thing to remember is to keep thing as natural as possible. Obviously you wan’t to rank well but don’t be overtly manipulative. Trying to cheat the search engines into ranking well will inevitably land you in trouble.