The Quickest Way to Ruin Your Site

Ian HancockDevelopment

A lot of companies are now looking to provide more creative ways to consciously boost their content marketing and to increase their websites visibility, whilst engaging potential customers. Many companies are getting on board with the idea of integrating social media along with other online marketing efforts. Yet for some online marketing agencies this is a wasted effort, as the sites themselves are suffering from some simple but major flaws. Here are some of the quickest ways you can send your site sinking:

Multi-level Navigation

When there is multiple levels of navigation, a person may struggle with having to navigate where they want to go. When the user has found what they’re looking for, the navigation disappears which is frustrating to the user.  The alternative is to have an entire section pop out so that you don’t have to worry about having to keep hovering over the menu such as Amazon’s site as below.

Category Confusion

When it comes to searching for an item, semantics plays a key role here. When someone is looking for something for instance a vacuum in this case, then one user may search under “household” and the other under “home and garden”. The best way to avoid this is to simplify the categories. Do some research yourself and try and find some items onsite. Are you confused when looking for these items yourself or is it clear cut?

Internal Search

  • There are a few problems with internal search, for instance – there are some search results which don’t account for typo’s, plurals or other variants.

  • The search box isn’t long enough.

  • The results don’t make sense and aren’t sorted in the correct order.

When a Link Doesn’t look Like one

This can be frustrating for a user. Links ideally should be coloured or underlined so that a user can hover over them and know that they can click further throughout the page.

Make your site look fun

This is pretty straightforward but having a site which looks decent from the offset will help. If a site has dull tones, isn’t imaginative and isn’t fun to look at, then this will turn users off. You need to have a site which at least looks good, is inviting and fun.

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