The Jelly Bean Queen

Andy Clarke General, Search Engine Optimisation

The jelly-bean-queen and why keeping an eye on your website, or paying someone else to do it for you, shouldn’t be overlooked.

When told of a jelly bean that resembles Queen-to-be Kate Middleton I immediately knew I had to look into the rumours. I was not disappointed and will definitely be taking part in the bidding war on eBay, set to commence in the next few days.

However the entertainment provided by the story does not stop at a regal jelly bean. When making sure I had all the information I needed I stumbled across a piece on the Guardian website entitled ‘Has the Indy been smeared?’ The article encouraged readers to click on a link within the text which brought the reader to the Independent’s website. The URL of the page of the original story had been permanently changed to read; , and remained so for a few days. Although the Independent has now amended the URL, and apologised, you can still reach the article by clicking on the above link.

Perhaps the Independent could do with some of the services offered by Miromedia as the URL embarrassment is now just as much a story as the Kate Middleton confectionary itself. Independent, you have our number maybe it’s time you give us a call.