The facts are the figures

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We had a company come in to see us this week, worried about a significant drop in their website performance. They wanted to discuss the progress that their current online marketing company had made over a 2 year period.


This is a question that we get asked frequently, as it can be difficult to explain what changes have been made on a client website. The only way to truly measure progress is the ROI.

The meeting was exploratory; we looked at the current internet performance, the structure of the site and how recent internet changes have affected the overall return. It is true to say that every online marketing company is different. Methods that are being used by one SEO specialist may not be used by another. So, the only way to gauge success is results.


When reviewing the site we could see that there had been some SEO work carried out, but the thing that concerned us most was, in a 2 year period, the SEO company had not put conversion tracking on the website analytics. How can they effectively gauge any kind of performance, if they are not tracking where the sales are coming from? How do you choose the best value keywords? How do you identify what prominent words need to be on landing pages? How to you make changes that bring a better return? etc… In short, why not make use of the best tool that you could possibility have at your disposal? – The Facts


The present SEO company is solely focused on regaining the results that the site had a few months ago, by removing old links. Many websites are being penalised from past link building activity, with many agencies finding themselves in the uncomfortable position of identifying poor quality links and removing them from their clients websites. Removal is one thing, but what are they doing to increase link building authority. Both must work in unison. You can’t just take things away without adding value.

How to choose the right company?

I would advise anyone looking for a new SEO company to look for a company that can fulfil the ever changing search engine requirements. It’s not just about the number of links, it’s about building your site up as an authority, giving it credibility above other sites, resulting in increased performance. Ensure that you are accurately measuring the return on investment, identifying areas that perform well and getting the best from those areas.