The exact match domains problem…

Andy Clarke General, Search Engine Optimisation

Exact match domains have received a flurry of posts on the SEO blogs recently regarding the possible end of their power. Every Internet user will have seen a domain name that is essentially a keyword, for example ‘’ sitting comfortably in position one. The question here is will a possibly blatant manipulation of search results be tolerated by Goggle?

In the past they certainly have, but it would seem their reign maybe coming to an end. Google hinted this month at changing their algorithm to prevent exact match domains returning spammy results.
There is a problem here however, if you were choosing a domain name for your new company online, you may intuitively favour a domain with a keyword in it, completely unaware of the manipulative nature of exact match domains. Also this could affect older domains that choose descriptive domain names many years ago?

So how then do the search engines discern which are genuine domains and which are spam? The answer is to look like a ‘brand’ links it would seem. If the search engines see many ‘seo london’ anchor links, then they can safely assume that link building has been carried out. The links would seem unnatural. Google have hinted at other indicators that would make the entry seem ‘natural’.

The best approach in the meantime then is to choose a domain with a little bit of brand and a little bit of keyword. Hmm I wonder how much is on 123Reg?