The Apple iPad has landed – and it’s pretty good.

Ian Hancock Development, General

We took delivery last week of our very own Apple iPad. Freshly imported from the US along with a US iTunes account and a $100 gift voucher for lots of sparkly new iPad Apps.

And the verdict is…
…what a fabulous bit of kit. It’s important to understand that the iPad will disappoint if you don’t understand what it’s for. If you want a quick, small and fairly light device for browsing the web, sending and receiving email and most other thing you do when at home, then the iPad may be for you. If you want a business machine, it certainly won’t replace your laptop – unless you only use it for resting your pen and note pad on.

The actual iPad itself is a lovely looking piece of kit. Typically Apple, the materials and construction are second to none. The screen is vibrant and the resolution on HD movie stunning. And, personally, I don’t have any issues with the touch keyboard and size.

The Apps selection is limited at the moment and running iPhone apps on it simply doubles the size of the App – which is a bit rubbish from what I’ve seen so far.

The Safari browser is currently detected as a mobile browser, which is a little frustrating. I have a big screen and don’t want to be served iPhone site versions. No doubt, developers will catch on – this one has 😉

Main Benefits/positive points so far:
Immediate on button – no boot up time
Long battery time
Lovely screen/display
Very quick
Keynote on the go is effective – but importantly not the full version
Works great with Bluetooth headphones (Sennheiser mm450)
Excellent video/movies
oh – and looks cool in Starbucks (but you may get mugged for it)

Main faults/frustrations so far:
Massive finger print issue
Easy to drop (like a big bar of soap)
No Flash – but maybe that’s not such a bad thing!
Sites recognise the iPad Safari as a mobile browser
Limited Apps at the moment – but increasing daily
Won’t charge from your USB as not powerful enough. Needs mains.

I’ll update further over time.