The advantages of being in bed with the right partner

Ian Hancock Keyword Research, Search Engine Optimisation

We’ve been reviewing a Google Adwords account for a prospective client. However, there was an anomaly with the projected monthly visitors. The campaign is geographically targeted and the client sells beds. From the provided data,  ‘Beds Birmingham’ returned a healthy figure as did ‘beds Manchester’. However, the client couldn’t see why ‘beds Luton’ returned such a significantly larger figure than the rest of the keywords. Can you? Well, it took us all of 30 seconds to identify that ‘beds Luton’ returned the large potential visitor numbers based on the fact that Luton is in Bedfordshire – which shortens to ‘Beds’. So, when engaging your search agency, ensure they are not only good with technology, but have a common sense approach too. I’m not so sure your outsourced overseas ‘Search Agency’ would have spotted that one – which could have been costly.