The 7 Social Media Management Deadly Sins

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And loweth on the 8th day God sat back and admired the world he had created and he knew it was good. ‘You probably want to get on Twitter and tell everyone about that’ whispered Lucifer.

Theres no real mystery, get as many friends as you can and get them buying! Right? Wrong, there are some deadly sins you must avoid when beginning your social media marketing.

Social Media Management Mistakes: Lust
You have to work hard to nurture your community. You are the gardener and they are your flowers. Dont just throw manure at them and leave them in the cold. Treat them with love and attention, water them and in time they will reward you with fruit.

Social Media Management Mistakes: Wrath
‘I bloody hate these things there just for spotty teenagers and speccy nerds with too much time on their hands.’ Understand these groups, they aren’t now but they could well be your best fans, build brand loyalty by showing your human side. Most social media sites have great ways to contact new members built into them, they are after all ‘social’. Use these tools to grow your own friends group carefully and non-aggressively.

Social Media Management Mistakes: Sloth
Early on it can get tough, just like an infant your page will need continual care and may keep you awake at night, but if you stick in there eventually it will start to respond coherently and even start to walk on its own.

Social Media Management Mistakes: Pride
It is vital to avoid shameless self promotion and continuous product heavy content, especially when you’re not actually saying anything of value. No one likes a show off and no one wants to be continuously sold too.

Social Media Management Mistakes: Envy
Obviously don’t link to your competitors but definitely link to interesting blogs and pages similar to your own. Don’t be afraid to direct people away, if where you sent them was valued they will definitely come back.

Social Media Management Mistakes: Greed
Everyone has that shameless friend who relentlessly tries to pick up every possible girl at a bar, perhaps they are successful? It’s all about quantity they’ll say, but everyone notices the man who leaves with the prettiest, coolest and funniest girl at the end of the night.

Just because you have 7000 members does not mean anyone will buy anything from your site. Count success in sales not members. It is important to find people interested your product or a similar product and treat them to news, views, discounts and just like the hottest girl at the bar, make them feel special.

Social Media Management Mistakes: Vanity
Everyone needs to know about my product it’s the best on the market, people will flock to tell me how great my company is. Err no they won’t. Have a look on the Facebook Coca Cola site, they employ people around the clock to delete negative messages from members they didn’t listen to and didn’t understand!

Ric McHale