T-shirts that charge phones, tell me it’s not so…

Ian Hancock Stuff

Wow…. unbelievable news breaking this week. It is now possible to harness the sheer power of a T-shirt. With scientist all around the world looking at renewable energy sources, it was only a matter of time before we became slaves to ourselves.

When will the craziness end? It won’t be long before you need to go for a run to charge up your iphone, so that you can listen to music while you go on a run, with your iPhone. But hang on, haven’t you just gone on a run? I am already confused.

In reality, the idea of all that wasted energy, put to good use, sounds positive. But how long before you can plug into the national grid through your exercise bike and earn 4p an hour from Powergen? Are we one step away from being mice people?

Do I sound a little cynical? Sorry. I am sure that the future is bright……. with the new Miromedia T-shirt powered lightbulb.

Miromedia power tshirt image

Order today at only…. 4 star jumps and a squat thrust from your local energy bank.