Spotify Changes Afoot

Ian Hancock Social Media

As Jack Nicholson would say “No ticky, no laundry”

Sad news from the world of online music. Spotify, the free online music service, is going to limit the amount of free music that users can listen too. New plans mean that new users will get 6 months free before payments kick in.

From a Spotify point of view, I wish them well. They have introduced me to hitherto unheard of tunes from the likes of DR Shadow, Jose Gonzalez and The Rolling Stones.

But I guess it proves that you don’t get anything for nothing. We listen to Spotify around the office and it is a great way of listening to tunes, but also finding related artists that would have been previously missed.

News of a cap of free listening is expected, but still sad news for many of the 6 million users.
The question now is how many of these 6 million users will convert to the paid service. We will keep you posted.