Link Building for SEO – Quick Tips

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Link building for SEO is tough, there is no doubt. In a post-panda and post-penguin world its even tougher. There are however countless ways to build quality links and I want to share just a few really great ways in my blog today. Links shouldn’t replace good content writing however, if you create compelling content then natural links will arrive like magic!

Link Building for SEO

Guest Blogging
The Miromedia team is a flurry with guest blogging following the Panda updates a few months back. The premise of this link building for SEO technique is pretty simple. Our copywriters create interesting articles of around 500 words, find websites that are interested in including these articles and are on subject to place the articles. In exchange the website or blog links back to a website of our choice. This is a mutual agreement where the website owner receive fresh, optimised articles and we receive powerful links back to our sites. Find out more in my recent article ‘Internet Marketing Secrets – Guest Blogging

White Papers and Downloads
This is what the Internet is all about (or at should be), the sharing of informative information amongst interested parties. The Internet in its inception was a massive archiving system of academic documents and this is still with us today. Search Engines like Google still favour sites that offer well written, well referenced content and so white papers and downloadables are a good sign of a well built site. Furthermore when you create a well written paper people who have found it will link to it and new people will be exposed to it.

Social Bookmarking Buttons
What better way to increase the likelihood of links than making it easy for people to share your content. This can be done in many ways but by adding ‘Social Bookmarking’ buttons you will really see an impact. There are lots of social bookmarking sites out there but we would suggest Digg and Reddit. These can be complimented with Facebook Like, Google+ and ReTweet buttons to increase your Social Media followers to. Addition of these buttons can be carried out by the Miromedia web team, please call us on 01926358200 or click here to find out more.

Plagiarising but Optimising
Finding dull or unispiring content and re-writing it, optimising and making it more compelling is a great way to great new articles out there. This is an effective way to scale-up your link building for SEO results, In addition you can reference the original source of the information and in some cases they will link back to you.

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