Some common linking misconceptions…

Andy Clarke Link Building

Link building could be considered a mysterious art form and many practices are shrouded in mystery. However there are some myths that must be dispelled for us to better understand what works and what does not, when it comes to an effective link building campaign.

  • Getting as many links as possible – Essentially you only need to beat your competitors by a small amount to stay on top. Focus may need to be placed on other forms of online marketing once a competitive position is achieved.
  • Only linking to your Homepage – Again something to avoid because this is not a very natural way to link. It is likely that many links will go to the Homepage, however ideally you would want to encourage people and links to be directed to landing pages that are on subject with your anchor text.
  • Concentrating on one keyword – This is something to avoid as suddenly adding 1000 links for the same anchor text is probably an indication of manipulation. Natural links would likely take many forms with differing anchor text/keywords.
  • Reciprocal linking works – No reciprocal linking does not work. Search Engines are wise to reciprocal linking and this includes ‘3 way’ or ‘4 way’ linking.
  • Paid Search increases organic results – This is perhaps one of the older myths, paid search has no affect whatsoever on natural search results, nor does it offer any linking value.