Snapchat – Is it Right for Businesses?

Ian HancockSocial Media

Snapchat is a new craze right now which has seen businesses jump on the bandwagon to try and use it as a social media platform to communicate with potential customers. Snapchat is a common app amongst those in their late teens and early twenties. It allows users to share their videos and images but once viewed, the image or video is automatically deleted after 10 seconds.

It is this function that has made snapchat appear as a seedy sexting platform, where illicit images and videos are sent and then deleted forever. It is this function which makes it a funky and original tool for marketing but in addition one that makes it strange to use for this reason also.

Brands tend to enjoy using the newest social media platform, however, is it right for the business? Here are some ways in which brands have been using Snapchat to promote their business. Do you think this is a good idea or should it be left as a private social network?

The Co-operative Electrical

The Co-op decided to create a promotional campaign which offered students £30 off laptops. After they had been given the code, they had 8 seconds to write it down before it went. This created a sense of urgency and as such, worked as a great tactic.


Automotive brand Acura used snapchat to promote it’s new NSX supercar. The first 100 users to add Acura received a six second clip of the car driving around the track. This created a sense of urgency as only 100 people were able to see it.

According to Honda and Acura social marketing manager Alicia Jones:

People use Snapchat to communicate with friends through pictures and video in mobile – it’s a fascinating and important trend in digital and social right now, and brands have a place to play there.

16 Handles

Handles used snapchat to send Facebook fans a photo of their frozen yogurt and in return they received a coupon worth either 16%, 50% or 100% off. The messages disappeared after 10 seconds and as such they had to wait until they were at the counter to reveal the level of the discount to the cashier. 16 Handles decided to use Snapchat instead of Twitter as it meant the vouchers couldn’t be shared. There were more than 1,400 interactions with consumers due to the campaign.


Geordie shore was promoted using snapchat. MTV sent out videos and photos to fans to give them a look at the cheekier side of the show and used the platform to remind fans that the show was on air. It makes the most of the app’s slightly seedy reputation and is possibly a good use of the app.

What do you think? Do you think that the app is right for the above businesses?